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Rates & Services

I can provide many different services and because of this my rates can vary project to project. For an accurate quote, please reach out to me directly so we can discuss your project and nail down an exact cost that you can expect. Until then, this page serves as a representation of the services I provide and the general rates I charge for those services.

Additional Expenses To Consider

All productions are not created equal. If you are interested in hiring me for your shoot here is a checklist of things to consider which may add additional costs beyond my basic rates listed above.

  • Do you need specific shots that would require specialized equipment i.e. Drones, Gimbals, Sliders, etc.? These are extra pieces of expensive equipment that come with an additional cost.
  • Does your project require a larger scale production which, in turn, would require an extra crew member or two to be present on set i.e. teleprompter operator, hair & makeup, steadicam operator, etc.? Many crew members have a set day rate (typically 1-4 hours = half day, 4-8 hours = full day, 8-12 = Day + half, etc.) and depending on the length of the shoot they will need to be compensated accordingly.
  • Do you need me to do a minor task with a partially completed project i.e. color grading, b-roll pickup shots, captioning, etc.? These are smaller tasks which take up less time than my full range of services and can be negotiated for a more palatable fee if you are on a budget, depending on the complexity of the task at hand.
  • Is your project outside of Chicago city limits and require more than an hour of travel time? I bill 50% of my hourly rate for travel time outside city limits and if extra crew members are needed, they will need to be compensated similarly.
  • Does your project require traveling much farther than just outside the city limits and make sense to stay overnight at the location?  Room & Board will be expected to be covered in the expense.
  • Does your project require a specific camera and/or lens combo?  I shoot on a wonderful 4K camera system, but sometimes clients need a specific camera to match previously produced content.  I’m very adept at using multiple camera systems, but the rental cost for those cameras and accessories to operate it would need to be included in the final quote.
  • Do you need a specific location that you do not have? Many clients require a studio-like setting, and this often requires renting a location that would need to be accounted for in the quote.
  • Is the location you are filming at noisy or will we be shooting outdoors and inclement weather is in the forecast?  If your office is located near a train line, for example, that can affect audio if we are recording an interview and require frequent stops and starts, which can affect how long the shoot last and how many hours I wind up working, which increases costs.  The same can be said of weather (i.e. we need sunny and we got overcast/rain).
  • Is it possible something can come up which causes the shoot to be cancelled or postponed at the last minute? Myself and many other industry workers include a kill clause, which provides a certain amount of compensation (25% for myself) of the total agreed rate if a shoot gets cancelled or postponed to another day.  This is in place because many times locations or equipment may get rented and paid for and if the shoot gets canceled those rental fees can not get refunded if it happens too close to the shoot time/date.

Equipment Brands I Use